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We have queued up 200 users and have decided to close new requests for the time being. Please check back soon!

Email zfs@radious.co with any questions.

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Simple cloud service to permanently store ZFS snapshots, ala:

$ zfs send -v -R -I pool/snapshot_034 pool/snapshot_042 |\
    ssh marvin@marvin.zfs.rent zfs recv -v -Fu pool/snapshots


We rent out KVM virtual machines with dedicated hard drives. There is no sharing/over-committing.

When you rent a drive, you will receive an email with the following:

The drives are attached as pass-through as SATA devices. *They are raw.* There is no drive virtualization layer.

Users have a choice of:


ZFS supports native encryption and snapshotting. Once you have access to your instance, you can configure your keys. Basically, once per boot, you need to run zfs load-key -a and punch in your passphrase. Given our datacenter's history of 99.95% uptime, we believe that re-entering your keys will be a rarity. But if system power-loss occurs, user data will be encrypted-at-rest. At any time, users can issue sudo reboot to ensure their encrypted datasets are safe from physical seisure.


DataNOC in Rancho Cordova, CA.


See zfs.rent/pricing


For rent-to-own drives, we purchase a new Western Digital or Seagate drive -- and then install it into our datacenter. After your equal payments have been completed, *you own the drive* -- at which point you can continue to colocate your drive(s) by paying the standard service cost.

Check out our pricing for more details. But briefly:

You can continue to rent colocation+bandwidth from us -- but whenever you decide, we can unplug the drive and ship it to you, (within the United States). Due to current export restrictions, we cannot ship to international users :/

... but if you have U.S. mail forwarding address, we can work with that...

setup time:

After a successful first payment, your KVM instance will be created and your credentials will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The physical drive will be attached soon after. (Although, since we are currently in beta, it is not likely this will occur within 24 hours. But we predict that we will be fully operation by the first week of December.)

terms of service + SLA:

See terms-of-service.txt