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Heads up: we've spent a week hemming and hawing on pricing. In order to sustain continued operation, maintenance, and capital outlay, we've settled on this pricing model. We are comfortable with it.

Once you are enrolled in our invoicing system and pay your first payment, *that is your rate*.

storage + bandwidth + colocation:

Each plan includes 1 TB of bandwidth (data movement) per month.

We do not distinguish between upload and download. 1 TB is 1 TB, whether you send or receive.

For additional bandwidth, we charge $5/TB. Bandwidth purchases do not expire. For example, you can top-up your account with 10 TB and use it slowly over the course of a year. Or, you can purchase 1 TB whenever you run out.

Your account has two quotas: "base bandwidth" and "additional bandwidth". Your "base bandwidth" resets to 1 TB on the 1st of each month. Your "additional bandwidth" is only consumed when your "base bandwidth" has run out.

To ship existing drives, please reach out: zfs@radious.co. We'd love to accommodate!

This saves you (and us!) time and bandwidth.

Plan Description Drive Cost Service Cost
Rent-to-Own 8 TB drive. 24 equal payments. $25 setup fee + $10/month per drive for 24 months. Then it's yours! $10/month/drive
Bring-Your-Own Ship a drive for us to load. (3.5" SATA) $25 setup fee $10/month/drive
Low-Cost Trial 1 TB drive. Shared physical drive. $0/month/drive $10/month/drive

The service cost covers electricity, colocation, 1x IPv4 address, and 1 TB "base bandwidth" (data movement).

vps instance details:

A positive benefit of the rent-to-own model, is that all wear and tear (excessive reads/writes) is caused by a single user -- as opposed to a shared drive.

If you wish to create a RAIDZ or Mirror ZPool, please purchase multiple drives. Data redundancy is up to you.


All plans include 1 TB (combined upload/download). Each additional TB of data movement costs $5.00/TB.

Uplink and downlink speeds are guaranteed to be >= 100 mbps. Most of the time, expect >= 750 mbps.